Wednesday Jun 26

The Sound Strike: Musicians work to block AZ immigration law

A few decades ago (to me sometimes it seems like a few days ago), musicians often made statements in their music.   They put themselves out on the front lines in defense of our ideals and of our republic.

This includes rock and pop musicians, classical musicians, country musicians, jazz musicians, folk musicians, and any others one might mention.

Well, they're back, thanks to Zach de la Rocha who, with some like minded musicians, has established The Sound Strike which encourages artists to boycott Arizona.

In one way it's a joy to see musicians coming together to do what they can to wipe out an ill-conceived, unjust, inhumane, and probably unconstitutional law:  SB 1070 in Arizona that purports to be a border defense statute but in effect discriminates against anyone who might not look or sound "American" to someone else.

In another way, it's a shame that our American rights and our human rights are still being attacked by ideologues who in this one state (one in which I reside, I must admit) have managed to gain enough power to enact such a law.

I urge your support, or if not your support, at least your serious consideration of what The Sound Strike has to say.