Wednesday Jun 26

What's all this then?

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There are two kinds of people in this world--those who divide things into two parts and those who don't.

For me, this site's main topic of hi-fi music does split neatly into two parts: the performances themselves (the music part) and the equipment that allows us to enjoy that recorded music in our homes (the hi-fi part).

I've been writing about and (as friends and acquaintances will attest) talking about those particular two things for quite a few years now.

The talking part started pretty much as soon as I was able to verbalize and has continued unabated. The writing part came about quite a few years later and its continuity has on occasion suffered interruptions.

I started out with record reviews in my college weekly. That necessarily ended with graduation. I spent a couple of years with the Peace Corps and contributed music commentary to the occasional in-country newsletter.

My professional gigs have included many years as electronics columnist for the Buffalo News, that job overlapped various years of reviews and commentary for CD Review magazine, which started out being called Digital Audio. I contributed regularly to the original Home Theater magazine for a couple of years, and most recently to The $ensible Sound.

There were also occasional articles (not all on music and audio gear) for Hands-On Electronics, an electronics magazine in Switzerland whose name I don't recall, Pico, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Canada's Stereo Guide, and other publications.

Most of those magazines have folded, either totally or into other publications. The newspapers continue, but under serious constraints and there's no room for me there any more. They're hard put these days to find enough space even for the required horoscopes, lottery results, and Sudoku puzzles.

A year or so ago, I found myself without an outlet for my musings. When I turned down an opportunity to review a new CD due to lack of publication options guitarist Mark Elf was understanding: "We all fall out of a gig now and then."

But here I am again, publishing online and for better or worse under my own control. The development of has taken a while and I'm not naïve enough to think that it's in any way fully formed.

I do think it's a pretty good start. I hope that you'll agree. I look forward to receiving suggestions that will help improve.

Current goals are get better front page organization, and more fully integrate this web presence with a companion site,

I'm pleased that you have found this spot. Drop by often, register, contribute, and spread the word.